Monday, October 20, 2008


Twig - Life After Ridge

Genre: Indie Pop / Jangle Pop / Swedish Pop
Based in...: Sweden
Label: Plastilina
Year: 2008
My Rate: 8/10
Ciao Ciao Bomb
Helen Of Troy

2008 has been an year very produtive for indiepop. So far, great albums were released like the wonderful Autumn Leaves' Long Lost Friend, also the Elephant 6-like bubblegum pop of From Bubblegum To Sky's A Soft Kill and the fantastic 60s psychedelia/80s indiepop influenced Self-Taught Magic From A Book by Je Suis Animal. Of course I couldn't let Sweden off from these examples of good music produced this year, that may be represented by the guys of Twig. They released last month their debut on the Lima based indiepop label Plastilina Records. Life After Ridge expresses all the musical quality from ours 80's heroes(Orange Juice, Smiths and Factory Records) full of romantic pop melodies inspired by books and films(see Harrison Weir children’s book illustration of the album artwork) surrounded by Henrik Linden's dark voice. The highlights are "Ciao Ciao Bomb" with its catchy chimming guitars, "Please Don't Turn Me Into A Murderer" wich is the most Smiths-esque of all record and MySpace favourites "Helen of Troy". Truly, Life After Ridge will become one of the best records of this year...for me already is!

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