Monday, October 20, 2008

For Against

For Against - Echelons (Independent Project Records, 1987)

It may be strange or unusual to think of it this way, but For Against's debut, Echelons, first appearing in 1986 then finally reissued in 2004, was in its own fashion one of the most important releases of its time. The incipient then explicit wave of U.K. post-punk-inspired bands that followed in the trio's wake over many years, leading eventually to the wider notice given to groups like Interpol, has definite roots here as well as in the work of groups like the Abcederians. Balancing an at once crisp, brisk pace and just enough dreaminess in the guitar work, Echelons is a work of nervous tension throughout. If Echelons has a distinct sound that doesn't change dramatically for most of the album -- and comparatively speaking, the follow-up, December, showcases an even stronger set of songs and performances -- it's still a spectacular listen. [From allmusic]

This record is an absolutely masterpiece. The pefect combination of post-punk with dream pop. Soon I will post their follow-up, December. Don't miss it!!!

For Against - Echelons (1987)
Post-Punk / Dream Pop

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